Chef Alfonso’s New Dishes

Chef Alfonso!! estoy muy emocionado 😄 empezar un menú más, en estos tiempos difíciles, que estamos pasando todos los negocios. Agradecemos a todo los clientes e instituciones que nos están apoyándonos, los esperamos a disfrutar algo de lo nuevo!

1 thought on “Chef Alfonso’s New Dishes”

  1. We had lunch today at the restaurant and were so happy everything was wonderful. We hadn’t been there for over a year due to Covid but today we ventured out and the food was all as good as we remembered. Prices were up a little but the prices of everything are up and we can understand why this has to happen. We are glad to pay more for the tasty menu they present. Keep up the great food and we will follow you anywhere! Elaine and Dan Sniegowski, Tinley Park


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